Welcome to End Times Overcomers, the title of a unique artistically prophetic new book, which exposes a conceptual understanding of a new paradigm.
Just like the movie The Matrix, much of humanity lives in a delusion, enslaved, corrupted, and deceived, by a false and fabricated reality, controlled by the powers of darkness and their committed ruling elite disciples.
This preexistent life form, of ancient fallen angelic gods, rebelled against their Creator, and presently has dominion over the earth. But the time of the end has come. As Prophesied in ancient scriptures, and acknowledged by both the kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of God, we are at a major spiritual threshold. Revelation is beginning to be fulfilled - Are you ready to face THE NEW WORLD ORDER?
This is more than a series of books, but a lifestyle which promotes overcoming tribulation, and obtaining victory over the powers of darkness, and to obtain an abundant life of victory, hope, love and peace, even in the midst of a storm. This present life is only a testing ground, in preparation for the life to come. Because we are created to be eternal, we have nothing to fear, but fear itself, which is anti-faith.
What began as Prophetic Art Paintings, as visual parables, has progressed into books, explaining spiritual content. Committed to revealing the truth, I am offering free downloads on Art cards, some free books, and many prophecies.

David L. Forbes

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